Cottage Holidays in the Scottish Highlands

Cottage Holidays in the Scottish Highlands

There are few areas left in the UK, which can genuinely be called areas of natural beauty. Most are protected by National Park status. At the top of that list has to be the Highlands of Scotland. Beautiful glens and lochs, sheer, stark peaks, and beaches which equal the favourites in Europe, are all in this one place. No matter where you travel, or where you hail from, you’ll be hard pressed to find the same diversity of landscape in such a small area, as is available in the Scottish Highlands.

In the north is Eas a’ Chual Aluinn, Britain’s highest waterfall at 658 feet, and many tall imposing peaks including Ben Hope. In the east you can find the Flow Country of Caithness, and discover the heritage that the Scottish Pict tribes and Vikings left behind. The area is also a haven for the diverse Scottish wildlife. Glen Coe can be found in Lochaber as well as the Caledonian Canal. The famous Loch Ness, The Cairngorms National Park, the Isle of Skye, and beaches such as the Sands of Morar, Achmelvich, and Sandwood Bay are all waiting to be enjoyed. And you can enjoy, when you stay at a cottage in the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish cottage holidays

You really can’t sample the full majesty of the Scottish Highlands unless you’re there, in the centre of the Highlands. Scottish cottages can be found the length and breadth of the Highlands. From small two bed stand-alone crofter’s cottages, to larger, three, four, and more bedroom cottages, in groups of three or four units. Many are set-up to cater for romantic weekends or full blown honeymoon holidays. The vast majority of these cottages are privately owned, and many stand alongside the owner’s private dwelling.

castle Eilean Donan - Scotland

So many things to do from a Highland cottage

For those who enjoy activity holidays the list is endless, winter or summer, organisations are available covering virtually every aspect of outdoor activities.

  • Bushcraft holidays.
  • Summer or winter mountaineering in the Highlands or Islands.
  • Guided mountain trekking.
  • Winter walk training on snow and ice.
  • Summer mountaineering in the Cairngorms.
  • Highland trekking and first aid training.
  • Survival techniques winter and summer.
  • Guided and self-guided cycling trails.
  • Horse riding.
  • Photographic workshops.
  • Self-guided trekking and walking.


If you are an ardent photographer of landscapes and wildlife, being based in a Highland cottage, rising at dawn to catch the red deer – or unique shots of the sun rising or setting against a backdrop of mountains or lochs – can be just a walk away.

Loch Leven, Ballachulish, Scotland

Fishing in the Highlands

Fishing is another favourite pastime in the Highlands. The Atlantic salmon is the King of fish all want to catch, but there are plenty of lakes and rivers for trout, pike, roach and other coarse fish. Sea fishing is also popular around the north coast.

Whether you just want a quiet, away-from-it-all week with your partner, or wish to pursue your favourite hobby or pastime, renting a cottage in the Scottish Highlands can provide it all.

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